Chapter 1: Towards a new beginning

Standing on the top of the roof on a cold and chilling night, Amber stood lifeless, still, and numb, almost like a dead body. With all the reasons lost to be alive, she was trying hard to find a reason to stop herself from making a jump. A jump that would erase her entire identity, her possible future, expectations of her parents from her, and her entire existence from the universe. Amber was drenched in tears that were effortlessly flowing down her cheeks following their usual path. The tears ran slowly down her puffy red eyes, rushing across the crevasse of her cheeks, touching her dry dehydrated lips, and running down all over her chest, making them colder than the heart underneath. Amber stood lifeless, bitter, and all hopeless until a sudden thud broke her concentration from her chain of subconscious thoughts.

Amber turned back just to find out the ghostly sound was made by the door slapping against the fierce cold wind that was blowing on the rooftop. She suddenly remembered her mother’s sobbing face when she left home for her undergrad. Her mom was super proud of her daughter who had cracked a tough entrance exam in Engineering. Amber’s mom was waving her goodbyes of hopes and high expectations as her daughter onboarded her flight to the capital city, Kathmandu. Amber was a hard-working and passionate lady who wished to be a successful Engineer in the future. She had worked hard since her school days, grasping all the fine details of the world, and wondered about every single detail of how they worked. Amber had spent quite some nights tirelessly working on her dream and cracking entrance in the most reputed Engineering college of the country was something that truly added energy and colors to her life. Her mom had kissed her with tears in her eyes, being all hopeful about her successful future when the entrance results came out. The college was far away from her hometown, hence Amber had to leave home to pursue her higher studies.

They don’t explicitly show emotions, Amber and her mother. This was how Amber grew up. Expressing emotions directly was something they always avoided. Her mom believed it shows the weakness of a person. Hence, even on the day of departure, her mother was all teary but didn’t speak a single word to Amber about her feelings. Amber well understood the unvocal emotions of her mother. Her teary eyes were all speaking out about how proud she was of her daughter and how much she will miss her. With a tight hug, Amber left her city, flying high above the clouds, towards her city of dreams, her future, and her golden days.

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