A wanderer

It’s easy to get lost. I believe we are all gifted with something special. Might be we are yet to discover them, but I do believe that we all are gifted with something wonderful. Maybe we are just taking them for granted? 

Well, after long. I felt like writing back to my adult self. Just a couple of years back I used to turn to this age of mine and say that at age one must be settled, have a vision about life, and must be super independent. But standing at this age today, I can feel that not all of us are blessed to follow the typical timeline as everyone. Some of us do take time for discovering our course of life. Maybe god wants us to not trace back the same path that everyone takes. For instance, I have been wandering for a long… very long doing things here and there, collecting experiences, meeting people, and visiting places, and still, I find myself wandering endlessly. So, it would have been easier for me to settle down easily, isn’t it? No? No…I guess not. Maybe that is the reason why some of us really really find it very difficult to find the course of life. The only thing I can do is believe in myself that I must have been set for something good, something better!

Well, how does it feel to be aimless, purposeless, and wandering at your age past 25? Honestly, it sucks! You have these worries not only about your career but also about your life partner. You don’t actually know which country you are going to settle in, what career you are going to pursue, or who you are going to marry, With so many variables, there are infinite combinations your life can shape in. That would make someone sick enough, isn’t it? You know it’s like, a situation where you are even fed up with your life! Sometimes, at times like this, I wish I was a boy. At least I wouldn’t get the pressure off my biological clock running late to get married and the rush to select the partner at any cost and the pressure to become independent as soon as possible, hence, settling down for any first job that offers me some money! 

Life at this point is very very difficult. I really admire people who have their life sorted at 22. They know their passion, they know the career they want to pursue, they know their track of life and the milestones are set accordingly. Where did I miss life? How come I never have track of my life at all? What happened and when? I keep wondering. I have no other options rather than being optimistic here! I real;y hope my sleepless night’s count for something someday. I hope this is just a phase of life everyone goes through and life gets super normal afterward…or what if this is the super normal state of life already? Haha, that would be really funny! Alright, let’s see what life has to unfold….until then, IDK take care!

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