“Falling” in Love

So, why do they call it falling in love? Not getting high in love? Isn’t it interesting?

When you start loving someone, it feels difficult to breathe in their absence. The more you wait for them to be around you, the more time hands in the clock start to drag themselves, most lazily they can, the wind stops blowing making it harder for you to inhale, the stomach gets harder, and it feels like the volcanic lava is preparing to burst out. One gets anxious, one gets desperate, one gets needy, and one is willing to give up on the world just to be around their loved one. There is no self-respect thing, no ego thing, no self-esteem thing, there is just this wild desperation to feel the person, to listen to them, to be near them. Anything that will bring you around them, you are willing to give on.

Does this sound more like a desperate psychopath? Then yes it is what falling in love feels like. The ones who say keep yourself first, don’t get affected by someone else, don’t give emotional control of your life to someone else….common man, you haven’t fallen in love yet. Love is way deeper than you can imagine. The only source of your happiness becomes your love. You can’t literally imagine yourself in this world for a single second without him or her. Love is the shittiest thing that can happen to a sane person driving them insane.

Love is a slow poison. It chokes you, makes you desperate, and gradually kills you. It’s hard to get out of that desperation. Had you ever loved anyone truly in your life you will know what I am talking about. Love is the weightiest thing that will drag and sink you down the pool. No matter how much knowledge you have on floating, loving yourself, self-care, and so on, the desperation is so much strength that you don’t remain yourself. You start connecting your existence with the existence of your loved one. You get more hurt when they are hurt. You are more concerned about them than yourself. Love is the most chronic disease that can happen to a person. It spreads faster than cancer and leaves you in a coma. You lose hope to live in its absence and you get the energy to move the world in its presence. Love is scary. There is no way you can fly high in love…coz love is the heaviest thing that can occupy in your heart and mind. It leaves you paralysed forever.

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