The right time!

If you ask me what’s one thing that I regret the most sometimes? It’s the times when I thought I was already too late to take any actions and I was behind everyone and hence, didn’t take any actions at all! Now, when I turn back and remember those days, I feel like O shit! I should have taken that right step that day and it wouldn’t have been late, at least compared to today! This thought just hit my mind right now! Hence, I opened my blog and am typing my feelings out. I feel my vocab has turned shit but I am going to continue anyways.

Well, today again I feel like it is already too late for me to try new things and figure out my life. When I stalk my friends, I find them all settled and happy, knowing what they are doing. However, I still feel fuzzy and blurred. Instead of converging my niche, I find them diverging and reaching nowhere. I don’t have a particular domain of expertise. I even don’t know in which niche I want to settle. I donno is it only me or if everyone goes through the same thought.

If anyone is reading this blog, I plead, please do not judge me. Sometimes people go through this phase and I am going through one! I donno if I will ever be able to figure out that one thing for which I am destined.

So, I guess the right time cannot be better than NOW!

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